Brad Cowgill to Serve as Interim Council on Postsecondary Education President. He deserves a chance for the permanent job.

The search committee to appoint an interim president for the Council on Postsecondary Education named Brad Cowgill, state budget director, to the position late yesterday.
Cowgill’s contract begins Sept. 1 and he is expected to serve through the next session of the general assembly. He will be paid $275,000 a year.
 “I am honored by the confidence which the members of the Council have placed in me and I look forward to working with the university presidents, legislators and the governor in fulfilling the state’s 2020 goals,? said Cowgill.

The only bad thing we see about the appointment of Cowgill is that the Council also announced that they planned to not consider him for the permanent appointment for the job.   We believe that Cowgill deserves a chance to be considered for the permanent job if he is good enough for the interim job.

Board representatives were quoted as saying they were going to conduct a national search, and if they were to give Cowgill a chance to be reviewed by the selection committee that other potential nominees might be scared off.

Cowgill is generally considered as one of the brighter lights brought into the Fletcher Administration.  His past position being in charge of the state budget operations indicates that he is a skilled and knowledgeable public servant.  While he has said to have been close to Gov. Fletcher, he has busied himself by fulfilling skill demanding jobs and staying away from most of the partisanship inherent in executive level state jobs.

The Council is the state’s coordinating agency for postsecondary and adult education. The Council is charged with leading the reform efforts, including doubling the number of Kentuckians with a bachelor’s degree by the year 2020, as envisioned by state policy leaders in the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997.

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