U.S. Attorney Says Kentuckians Deserve Fair Shake At Government

ASSOCIATED PRESS – LEXINGTON — As the new U.S. attorney in eastern Kentucky, Amul Thapar will likely oversee high-profile cases against political officials, child molesters, drug rings and employers who circumvent immigration laws.
But his main priority, he says, is to ensure “people feel like they’re getting a fair shake at every level of government, period.?

Editor’s note:  Does this mean that the U.S. Attorney will exercise his discretion to pursue the Fletcher Administration over the alleged merit system violations. Some scholars opine that  Federal Rico and Civil Rights statutes may apply to this situation.

Many of the workers involved in the allegations of political hiring and firing in violation of the Merit System laws are paid with federal funds.

A governor’s pardons would not apply to Federal statutes, if any were violated.

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