Shades of Dick Cheney…Fletcher shot Bambi!!

The Ky. Post carried a story on Oct. 29th, that shows the ridiculous things that can come up in a campaign debate.  We appreciate the willingness of both candidates for Gov. to appear on so many debates around the state.

But the Governor has been trying to appeal to hunters and gun people by proving what a great hunter he is.  Steve Beshear has appeared in hunting gear on a tv commercial as he also wants to target this vote rich audience.

But everytime the Governor tries to claim he is a better hunter (he recently killed a wild turkey in Shelby County) he seems to step in doo doo. 
But Gov. Fletcher not being an attorney, just can’t leave well enough alone.  He keeps pushing Beshear claiming he is the better hunter, and in Mitch McConnell style he makes fund of Beshear for wearing a funny hat and hunting foxes.

Well the sleuths at the Ky. Post did some checking and they found out that Beshear has held hunting licenses for the last ten years and Fletcher has only held hunting licenses for five of the last ten years, but wait, this gets better.

The Post reported that Fletcher shot a seven month old baby deer in 2004.  Fletcher’s spokesman, Jason Keller, said, “the governor thought the deer he was aiming at was an adult doe.  He didn’t realize it was a yearling buck (without horns) until afterward.?

Once again Fletcher went into areas he should have avoided.  We rarely see a sharp doctor take on a sharp attorney in a debate without getting handed his head on a platter.

As terrible as it is to shoot Bambi it is still better than the practice of Vice President Chaney (one of my old classmates at Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming) who visits hunting ranches where they clip the wings of birds and then toss them out in front of the shotgun bearing “hunters?.  At least Bambi could run away.


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