Poll Shows Secretary of State Race a Toss Up.

Mark Nickolas has reported on BluegrassReport.org, that the latest Democratic internal polling shows Secretary of State Trey Grayson with only a 1 per centage point lead over Bruce Hendrickson with seven days to the election.  This poll is weighted to reflect the correct registration of Democrats and Republicans in Kentucky. 

The poll has Grayson with 36% and Hendrickson with 35%.  That leaves 29% undecided.

The margin of error for most polls is between 3% and 4%.  That means that the Secretary of State race is a toss up.  It could go either way.
This race will be probably be determined by turnout.  The large 29% undecided may suggest that Hendrickson may be swept in with a Democratic Gubernatorial landslide, as the undecided usually go with the wind, and the wind appears to be Democratic with Steve Beshear having a 20 point lead over incumbent Ernie Fletcher.

Many Democrats have expressed the thought that they like Grayson, but they remember how the Republican Sec. of State in Florida interfered with the Presidential Election in 2000, and they don’t want to have a Republican Sec. of State on the State Election Board for the 2008 Presidential Race.

One would think that Grayson would address this critical issue and pledge impartiality or do something to assuage Democratic fears on this issue.  Grayson cannot be elected without Democratic votes…and this issue by itself might make the difference.

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