Eric Deters has written two books to be published at the same time

   LawReader User Eric Deters besides being a highly experienced trial lawyer in Northern Kentucky, is a two time author of books which will be released this winter at your local bookstore.

He has written a book about the Simon Kenton High School explosion and the state basketball championship.  It’s titled “Yesterday, When They Were Young.?  We have heard that this is a very interesting tale.

    He also has written “Saving Grace? with Kentucky Enquirer columnist Patrick Crowley.  This book is about Sarah Brady fighting off and killing Katie Smith who while faking a pregnancy planned on killing Sarah, who really was pregnant, and cutting out her baby from her womb. 

As we recall, Smith had falsely told her friends and family she was pregnant, and lured Sarah Brady to her house on a ruse about some baby gifts belonging to Brady being inadvertently delivered to her.  Brady was just about full term with her pregnancy and when attacked wrestled the knife away from Smith and defended herself and her unborn child, and in the process killed her attacker.  Sounds like it would make a thrilling movie…we nominate Angelina Jolie for the Brady role.

    Congratulations Eric.  We can’t wait to see your books at Barnes and Noble.

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