A Chandler Abramson ticket for dems in 2007?

www.Bluegrassreport.org, a blog that focuses on democratic politics in Kentucky has posted a story that suggests Congressman Ben Chandler and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson had a meeting this week in Washington and discussed the 2007 Governor’s race.  Under the suggested pairing, Chandler would run as the candidate for Governor with Abramson filling the Lt. Governor’s slot.


The Chandler-Abramson “talks” reportedly  began  at the end of May.  The assumption that Abramson would never play “second fiddle” to anyone is overcome because he wants to be Gov above everything else but realizes it is impossible that he could be elected as Harvey Sloane so attempted unsuccessfully twice.  Thus, he would follow the Clements-Wetherby model begun when they were elected in ’47 with Wetherby succeeding to the governorship when Clements was elected to the US Senate in ’50 and Wetherby becoming the only Jeff Co Gov in state history.  As the sitting Gov in ’51, Wetherby then was elected to his own four-year term.  Again, this is the model   Abramson would adhere to with Chandler then running against Bunning in ’10, running for the open seat if Bunning retires

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