From the C-J’s sports section page C-3:  

24th:  David Thomas of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram suggested it’s time for a new baseball statistic:  “MIMR:  Mentions in the Mitchell Report.?  An example:  “Eric Gagne signed a one-year, $10 million contract with Milwaukee.  In 2007, Gagne was 4-2, with 16 saves, a 3.81 ERA, and 21 MIMR.  

25th:  Dennis Miller, on his TV show “Sports Unfiltered?:  “Barry Bonds’ former mistress will testify against him at his upcoming perjury and obstruction of justice trial.  Defense lawyers plan to portray the woman as an angry, bitter, vindictive liar.  You know, Barry’s soul mate.? 

27th:  The agent for Rich Rodriquez can’t understand the criticism leveled at his client after he left West Virginia to become Michigan’s football coach.  Mike Brown told The Associated Press that coaches are human beings who should be “afforded the same grace that others get.  They should hear, ‘Thanks for your hard work; good luck in the future,’? he said.  “What’s the difference between a head coach changing jobs and an executive going from IBM to Honeywell?? 

Responded The Los Angeles Times’ John Weyler:  “Well, one difference is that nobody at IBM paints their face and chest with the company’s colors and stands out in freezing weather exhorting them to make really great business machines.? 


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