Justice Dept. releases letter detailing investigation of Grant County Detention Center


In May of 2005, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Dept. of Justice wrote a letter to the Grant County Judge Executive concerning its investigation of the operation of the Grant County Jail.

A full copy of that letter has been released by the U.S. Justice Cabinent and may be read at: http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/split/documents/grant_county_findlet_5-18-05.pdf

Excerpts from the letter:


“We conclude that certain conditions at the facility appear to violate the constitutional rights of the inmates confined there.?


“Many inmate-on-inmate assaults appear to have been preventable by jail staff.?


“Many of the incidents of inmate assaults at GCDC appear to occur because GCDC fails to classify appropriately its potential predatory and vulnerable inmates.?


“The provision for acute and chronic medical care at GCDC likewise appears to deviate from constitutional minimum standards.  Nor does GCDC offer any  psychiatric case whatsoever, even for those inmates classified as suicidal or who are suffering from mental illness..?


The report declares staffing and training of staff as inadequate.  The report strong criticized the improper medication of inmates.  The report says some inmates were given the wrong medication for their medical or psychiatric conditions, and some were given prescriptions without any medical evaluation of their condition.


The letter threatened the filing of a federal lawsuit against the jail if improvements recommended in the report were not instituted.


The justice department commented that the jail staff was cooperative in the investigation.

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