Fans File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against New England Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick over Cheating Scandal

February 15, 2008   

            Attorney Eric Deters of Independence, Kentucky, one of the attorneys involved, has filed a Class Action lawsuit in behalf of fans in Federal Court in New Orleans. The suit is filed in behalf of a former St. Louis Rams professional football player and the fans who purchased season tickets and fans who purchased tickets to the 2002 Super Bowl.  

The basis for the lawsuit is the alleged fraudulent videotaping of the 2002 Super Bowl (XXXVI) of the St. Louis Rams “walk-through? by the New England Patriots.  The Plaintiffs are Willie Gary, a Rams employee and football player; an owner of a St. Louis seat license and two ticket purchasers and attendees of the Super Bowl.  

The NFL has fined Coach Belichick $500,000 for acts which violated league rules. The violations for which he was sanctioned provides the basis for this lawsuit. 

The lawsuit alleges fraud, interference with contractual relations and violation of several statutes. 

The lawsuit  requests class action status for three classes:

1.                  All Rams players, coaches, staff and employees of the 2002 Super Bowl team.

2.                  The 72,922 fans who attended the game.

3.                  All owners of St. Louis seat licenses in the 2001 and 2002 season.

            It seeks over $35 million in damages; plus a request these damages be tripled under Civil Rico; plus punitive damages; plus attorney fees.  Therefore, the total damages exceeds $100,000,000. 

            Eric Deters will be lead trial counsel.  Hugh Campbell is co-counsel focused on damages. John Young is co-counsel and local counsel in New Orleans.

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