Boone Commonwealth Attn. tells of family in need.


 LInda Smith, Commonwealth Attorney for Gallatin and Boone
Counties informed us of a family in need.  We invite you to join us in making a donation. 

From: Linda []
 Thursday, February 21, 2008 
Subject: Family of Kevin Williams 

As I spoke to several of you about this week in court, Kevin Williams, a former deputy here in Boone County, died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack this weekend at 37 years of age.  He leaves behind a beautiful wife, and two adorable children, Kaitlyn (9) and Kennedi (6).  As I’m sure you can imagine, this has been a tremendous shock to the family. 

I have known Kevin for about 14 years, since the days when he was a deputy jailer in Carroll County, then a Carrollton Police Officer, then a Boone County Police Officer, then Deputy Sheriff and canine officer.  His wife was the charge nurse when my son Jake was born.  In short, they were a wonderful young couple with so many dreams for the future, just like the rest of us. 

Unfortunately, Kevin was going to school at the time of his death, and did not have any life insurance.  As such, his family is likewise left financially devastated.  The Sheriff’s Department is currently involved in a large scale attempt to raise money on behalf of the children’s education fund.  I am quite confident that any donation, large or small, would go a long way towards easing this family’s long term fears.  And, as always, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

Please send any donations made payable to “The Williams Children Educational Fund�.  You can either send them directly to the Sheriff’s Department, or you can drop them off or mail them to my office at

2995 Washington Square, PO Box 168, Burlington, Kentucky 41005-0168

While I hate to impose on such good friends, I simply knew that you were definitely the group that this message needed to go to.  Thank you in advance. Linda Smith

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