LawReader announces technical improvements.

New search capabilities allow the fastest searchs in the industry. Find a case synopsis, statute or rule in seconds…far easier to use than our competitors.Update on New Technical Changes at LawReader: For the last year and a half, we have been moving towards a number of changes to LawReader.   We have spent close to $10,000 to implement these changes, and they look very promising.1. We now have added a Google Specific Topic search engine to search only for FORMS and another that only searches for PAST DECISIONS SYNOPSIS PAGES FOR THE KY. SUP. CT. AND COURT OF APPEALS.

We update weekly all appellate court decisions, as you know,. but access to past decisions was onerous.   Now you can call up the Decisions Search box and type in a name or topic, and it will return hits on the page on which those decisions are located.

Our data base of decisions with the LawReader synopsis, began in 2003 and that is the beginning of the time period in which unpublished cases can now be cited pursuant to a recent change in Sup. Ct. Rules.

Nobody in the industry has a  better capability to find these unpublished cases as does LawReader .To locate this feature, go to Specific Search Engines located in the left hand column of the Home Page.  We have also placed the FORMS search box at the top of the FORMS page.  This title will shortly be changed to SPECIFIC TOPIC SEARCH…as that title is more descriptive.

We have also placed a search box for DECISIONS on the Sup. Ct. Library Page and the Ct. of Appeals Library Page.

We now have seven different search engines.  Our users can quickly search areas relating to the following topics.  1. General Search of everything on LawReader.  2. Search only for KAR

3. Search LRC online version of the KRS

4. Search our Annotated version of the KRS and Rules of Procedure and Evidence

5. Search our news story library

6. Search Forms

7. Search past decisions of Sup. Ct. and Ct. of Appeals synopsis and keywords postings

This new search capability allows the user to focus his search and receive only highly relevant hits.  If you are looking for a Form, you don’t get a hit on a news story.

We have tested LawReader against our competitors and we have confirmed what our users tell us, LawReader is the fastest way to find a statute, rule, regulation or case.

Further, and this is no small achievement, our users tell us that the LawReader system is far easier to use than West or Lexis.

  1. We have had a cookie built that allows the user to click the icon posted on the top of the Home Page and download a picture of the LawReader Judge on his Desktop Screen, that links directly to LawReader.   Until this icon was installed users have had to type in to access our site.  We also reccoment that users place our address in their browser toolbar so it always stay on top of the page…this really is useful, but must be installed by the user on their computer.  We also have a cookie that allows a user to remember the users passwords so they don’t have to log in each time they visit LawReader.

3. We have moved our LawReader News to its own page, and increased the number of stories that could be viewed from 10 to 20, and will shortly be increasing that to 30.   We have now moved a link to the News to the top of the Home Page and are posting article titles there to lead the user to the News.   This allows us to provide information to the public, that draws users to our site, and increase our Google and Yahoo presence.   When you search on the major search engines you will find that LawReader is often found on the front page of hits returned on many legal topics. We are searched weekly by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and about six other major search engines.

  1. We have added a survey option.  You will notice a listing in the left hand column of the Home Page that says POLLS .  That has not been fully implemented as of this date, but it should be working in a week or so.  You can go there and call up a test survey.  We hope to utilize this feature to build our user base, and conduct research that will be of interest to the legal profession. Give it a test.

5. We have had a problem for the last l8 months where a hacker by the name VIAGRA was trying to hack our sign up page.  This required our staff to spend several hours of tedious work a week to remove his partial completion of our sign up data.   The new security feature requires a person signing up to now duplicate some letters and numbers that are randomly displayed…a computer can’t do this only a person can transpose this data and enter it, and it has already eliminated VIAGRA from our daily list of things to worry about.

  1. When we post data we have a small word processor called an EDITOR built in to our LawReader software.  We have had problems with the original EDITOR, for example we couldn’t change colors, and when we posted copy it often changed format from what we had posted.  This was a real aggravation.  We have updated to a new EDITOR and this has given us more control over our editing features.  7. You may wonder when you look at our left hand index column on the Home Page why it is so difficult to find topics.  That is because our original design limits the order in which we can arrange topics.  This is a very complex problem, and the new Developers are near completion of software that will allow us more control on ordering the listing of index topics.
    1. We have a few other small tweaks yet to be made to improve the use of the above listed changes. We are trying to tweak the hits on our Google Search Engine to modify the form in which hit results are displayed.  This may or may not be achievable.

    Other recent changes which we have implemented without the use of outside techs, include the ordering of our appellate decisions into CIVIL and CRIMINAL categories.  For example: Some users asked for this setup to allow them to only view the type of cases they were interested in viewing.  It has added about an hour a week to the posting and editing process, but we value the input of our users.

    We are trying to redesign the look and structure of the Home Page.  It is in my opinion a little cluttered.  We don’t know were we will end up, but this is in the works, and any suggestions will be appreciated.  We are committed to getting a little bit better everyday at LawReader.

    Gwen Billingsley


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