American Association of Internet Journalists

American Association of Internet Journalists membership applications invited   

The American Association of Internet Journalists was formed to recognize the contribution that writer’s and publisher’s who deliver their news, opinions, and educational materials by electronic means, make to the benefit and enlightenment of society.
The association requires all members in good standing to ascribe to a Code of Ethics that attempts to elevate the level of discourse they publish on web sites, blogs and electronically distributed newsletters.  View Code of Ethics at American Association of Internet Journalists
The association will attempt to advance the quality of Internet Journalism, and will support laws which recognize the contribution that internet journalists make to the elevation of public discourse and education of society.
The association will from time to time publically recognize the outstanding work of internet journalists.

Applicants for membership in the non-profit association may submit an application for membership to:

314th. 7th. St.

Carrollton, Ky. 41008


A membership application fee of $25 shall be enclosed.  This fee covers the processing of the application for membership and the first year’s membership fee in the association. All memberships shall expire on the first day of July.  Memberships fees shall not be pro-rated or refunded.
The membership application should include a description of the means by which the applicant publishes their writings, the address of the web site which hosts their publication, and an example of a recent article published by the applicant.  The membership committee will evaluate the information provided by the applicant.

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