User asks why we have deactivated our comments tool on the LawReader blog…

Thank you for your question about the comments tool being closed on the LawReader blog.
We previously had this feature activated, but it was continuously spammed by ads and other trash mail.
The software available to us does not permit us to limit the access to the comments section to valid users.  We were getting about 3,000 to 5,000 spam comments a month, and the valid user comments were buried.  We finally shut it down when comments reached some 275,000.
We were required to inspect and delete each comment by hand, and that was just a major expense for labor that we felt was best used elsewhere.
This does not mean however, that we do not welcome user comments to any story posted on LawReader or on legal related issues in general.   Just e-mail us your comments and we will be glad to post them on the blog.
We often get ideas for new stories and new features from our users, and we prize these suggestions highly.
So we are sorry that the comment tool is not activated, but we hope you will send your comments to us directly via e-mail. 
Stan Billingsley
Senior Editor, 

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