State Office of Technology Includes in BlogBlock. Court users not affected

LawReader has received confirmation from two state executive agencies that has been included in the blog block that the State Office of Technology has placed against blogs. We assume that this action applies to all other state executive agencies.

This block does not affect users on the Administrative Office of the Courts computer networks. Judges and judicial support staff attempting to log on to LawReader have NOT been affected by this action of the executive branch.

LawReader is a non-partisan legal research data base. We provide access to court decisions of all 50 states courts, the Federal Courts, and the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of all courts. 

We are scratching our heads as to how we were included in the blog roundup…COT responded to our request for information by blaming their software vendor, WebWasher. They said WebWasher writes the criteria for inclusion on the blacklist.  We are waiting for a reply from WebWasher.  COT said there were some sites on the list that shouldn’t be there, and there were still some that should be on the blacklist that should be. 

We have among our subscribers several state agencies, and this blacklist will cause us a loss of some revenue. We apologize for this inconvenience to those customers.  COT said that an agency that was denied access should write COT and provide them a business justification for needing to access our site. They would then review the situation.

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