Sen. Williams comments on Road Bill Ruling by Frankfort Court

“Judge Shepherd’s order by its own terms was based on an issue that was not briefed by either party.  We look forward to briefing this issue and believe that the judge will see the error of his finding upon reading of our briefs. We believe the Governor should also think about asking for reconsideration since it is a long standing practice for governors to accept and act upon bills presented to them on the day after adjournment.  If he chooses not to seek reconsideration, it will be his duty to consider all similar pieces of legislation void ab initio and carry out his executive functions accordingly.  If Judge Shepherd’s ruling stands as is, it could lead to a myriad of litigation not desired by the legislative or executive branches.  Regardless of whether this initial ruling stands, the Governor’s determination to spend money without legislative approval is the critical question in this lawsuit.” 


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