McConnell efforts to limit protection of horses becomes issue

In a Herald-Leader story, reporter John Cheves reports that “Sen. Mitch McConnell has pressured the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture for years to back off its enforcement of the Horse Protection Act, even threatening to cut the agency’s funding.”

See this article at:
» McConnell opposed USDA inspectors
» Industry says it is addressing abuses
» Soring trial videos
One of the little known practices of the Walking Horse industry, is the “soring” of the Tennessee Walking Horses.  Those are the horse that raise their front fee high in the air in the fancy walk around the show ring.   Industry insiders say the way the horses are trained to raise their feet so high is by placing acid on their feet, thereby causing their feet to be sore.    The Dept. of Agrucultural and animal rights activists have long opposed this practice.

It it thought by some pundits that this issue could develop into a major campaign issue in McConnell’s race with Bruse Lunsford the the U.S. Senate.
Cheeves writes in his article:
 “In a series of letters to the agriculture secretary and in legislation, McConnell has told the USDA to withdraw its inspectors from more Tennessee Walking Horse events and let the industry conduct more of its own soring examinations.
USDA inspectors are so unpopular with horse owners and trainers, who fear soring citations and subsequent suspensions and fines, that participants sometimes flee events if the USDA is reported to be there. When USDA inspectors came to a July show in Owingsville, hundreds of competitors left rather than let their horses be examined.
Industry self-policing — the system urged by McConnell — does not uncover soring as effectively. According to studies, USDA inspectors are far more likely to discover and punish soring than industry inspectors.”

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