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One of the rules discussed is Ejusdem Generis:
Gries v. Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Government, No. 2007-CA-001416-MR (Ky. App. 7/11/2008) (Ky. App., 2008)
The rule of ejusdem generis is used to determine (and usually to limit) the scope of a general term when it follows a list of specific objects. For example, KRS 189.020, which states as follows:
        Every vehicle when on a highway shall be so equipped as to make a minimum of noise, smoke or other nuisance, to protect the rights of other traffic, and to promote the public safety. Application of the rule of ejusdem generis meant that “other nuisance” “should be interpreted as including only those nuisances of a similar kind as noise and smoke.” Garcia, 185 S.W.3d at 664. On that basis, the court concluded that the term “other nuisance” did not encompass a cracked windshield.
Gwen Billingsley

LawReader CEO

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