Will Parks be Closed if the Governor’s Cigarette Tax Fails? See which Senators will be the most affected by Parks Department cuts. – Should the State Police be eliminated, Should the Parks system by sold off?

 By LawReader Senior Editor Stan Billingsley            Dec. 26, 2008

 Where to cut the state budget?   Some unpleasant decisions will have to be made if the Governor’s budget amendment plan is not adopted by the General Assembly in 2009.
The large Kentucky state budget deficit ($456 million) projected by the Governor’s Office will mandate some drastic cuts if new revenue is not found by the next session of the General Assembly.   The Governor has proposed an increase in the cigarette tax which could yield $225 million (thru the end of 2010) about one-half of the anticipated budget deficit.
Where are other areas that could be cut in 2009 and assuming no new revenue is found where will cuts be made in 2010 to address the problem?
One former state official suggested the state close down the Kentucky State Police.   The State is providing police protection to many rural counties without charge. It is not constitutionally mandated that the state provide a State Police force.  If this unlikely cut was made the counties would have to beef up their policing efforts.  Closing the Kentucky State Police would save the state $50,000,000 a year.
Some $400 million is being spent on the Dept. of Corrections to operate the growing number of prisons.  Cuts here, to be effective, will require the release of prisoners early and will require legislation to repeal mandatory sentencing laws and Persistent Felony Offender laws, and undoubtedly will provide Willie Horton type events.  But this problem could be eased by beefing up parolee supervision programs that have been adopted by other states. 

The current Executive Budget for Corrections directs funds to an array of institutional and community beds to accommodate an estimated six percent growth in the state felon average daily population over the biennium, from 22,618 to 23,953, an increase of 1,335.

This projected two year growth in need for 1,335 beds in this biennium represents a need for another prison in the next two years, and that need will be repeated every two years into the foreseeable future if changes aren’t made in sentencing philosophy imposed by the Legislature.

The State Road fund is another large expenditure that could be cut, but those funds are largely restricted, and it would require unpopular legislation to make any substantial cuts here.  Nevertheless, one large project styled Route 66 which is proposed to run along the southern part of the state, north of the Tennessee border, is widely criticized as a highly questionable project.  The fact that it runs through few Senatorial Districts with Democrats could make this a partisan issue since mostly Republican Senators would be effected.   

One other alternative that has been briefly discussed by officials is to examine the State Parks system.  This is not a program that is constitutionally mandated, and could be eliminated by the Legislature.  The Governor does have the authority to withhold funding for projects when the budget revenue is not sufficient for current programs.  
On Dec. l7th, the Governor stated that, Kentucky welcome centers would be closed twice a week, but the state park system for now would be spared budget cuts.

This announcement may have been a signal that if the budget problem is not fixed that the State Park System might be subject to more drastic cuts.

The Associated Press reported recently:
“Kentucky’s state park system would be spared budget cuts for now but could face future layoffs and closings under Gov. Steve Beshear’s plan to offset a hulking revenue shortfall, an official said Tuesday.
Officials do not plan funding cuts for the parks because they are considered economic drivers, said Tourism, Arts and Heritage Secretary Marcheta Sparrow. But without more money, up to 300 state workers could eventually be laid off, Sparrow said.”

    The last session of the General Assembly saw the Democratic controlled House of Representatives in favor of a watered down increase in the cigarette tax.  The Republican controlled Senate refused to consider the bill.   Republicans have indicated that they would be very reluctant to approve any tax increase.   So if the Governor does not receive the $225 million dollars he projects would be raised by his cigarette tax proposal, then by 2010, and perhaps sooner, the Governor will have to get out his budget axe and start to prioritize spending and closing down programs that are not necessary when compared to other needs of State Government.

   One old political trick in politics that always seems to work well on Congress, is the budgetary ruse of the Federal Parks program to propose that any loss of revenue will force the agency to shut down the Washington Monument.  This is one of the nations most popular tourist attractions and it is unthinkable to close it down, but the threat  always seems to inspire Congress to come up with the required funding. What Congressman wants to be voting to close down the Washington Monument?  Perhaps Gov. Beshear is signaling such a plan when he announces that he plans no additional cuts for the Parks System “for now”.

 The current two year budget appropriation for the State Parks system  is $105,004,000  for 2009 and $124,082,500 for 2010.  That totals $229 million dollars for this biennium, a sum almost exactly equal to the projected revenues that would be generated by an increase in the cigarette tax as proposed by the Governor.

If the Governor exercised his authority to start closing down State Parks, where would he start, and how far would he go? It would be hard for Governor Beshear to make cuts in State Parks programs without angering members of the Legislature.  The most pain however would be inflicted on the Republican Senate due to the fact that the vast majority (62 to 30) of Kentucky State Parks, Historical Sites, and Wildlife Management Areas are in Senatorial Districts represented by Republicans.

Our review of parks facilities and wildlife management areas indicates that 62 of these facilities are in Senatorial Districts represented by Republicans and only 30 facilities are in Senatorial Districts represented by Democrats.

Further, it should be noted that of 17 of the largest parks, usually referred to as  State Resort Parks, 15  are in Republican Senatorial Districts and only 2 are in Democratic Senatorial Districts.  Since the State Resort Parks require the most state funding, they would likely bear the majority of any across the board cuts in funding.  This translates into more Parks related job cuts being made in Senatorial Districts represented by Republican Senators.

Obviously any attempt to close the state resort category of parks, would mostly affect Republican Senators, any legislation that would be required to close or sell these parks  could be expected to meet fierce opposition in the State Senate.  That is not to say that Democrats would not be likely to oppose such legislation.  The point is that this budget item is a discretionary program, and if it is cut or eliminated that it will affect Republican Senators much more than Democratic Senators.

One alternative is to put the state’s resort parks on the market, and give private investors the opportunity to run these facilities.  Some would have to close, but the land they are on in some instances might give a one-time boost to the state treasury if sold.   If the State Parks were sold, it is possible that some of them could survive if operated as for profit facilities.  It is not likely that any for-profit parks would be willing to keep a policy of free admissions or low prices.  An of course, that old demon alcohol might creep into developer’s plans for the parks.  (There is no state law which prohibits the selling of alcohol at State Parks.  That prohibition is based on an Executive Order that could be set aside by Gov. Beshear or any Governor at their pleasure.)

    Let us make a guess about the potential value to the state in legislation that put the l7 State Resort Parks on the market.  We will examine General Butler State Park, (about five blocks from the author’s home).  Gen. Butler contains 800 acres.  A real estate development that borders on Gen. Butler State Park, is selling building lots for $30,000 an acre.  Let us assume that ½ of the land in Gen. Butler State Park (400 acres) is on land that is viable for residential use.   That would suggest a value of $12,000,000.  The value of the Lodge and conference center would be perhaps as much as $10,000,000.  The value of the campgrounds and cabins might range from $1,000,000  to $3,000,000, so a ballpark estimate of what this park could be sold for is $25,000,000. 

Other state parks contain far more acreage than Gen. Butler, and some have valuable waterfront sites, mineral rights, etc. So a guesstimate, might suggest that the state could sell off the l7 Resort Parks for $1 Billion to $2 Billion dollars.  That would  be accompanied by a reduction in current state funding for these l7 parks which we estimate is about $50 million to $75 million a year.  

If the state sold off the other wildlife management areas, historical sites, day parks, etc. the saving should be in excess of $125 million a year, and the total revenue generated from the sale of all park and wildlife management areas might approach $3 to $5 Billion dollars.  That would pump up the State’s Rainey Day Fund nicely, and could provide funding for the four new Ohio River bridges needed (i.e. two bridges in Louisville, one in Covington, and one in Trimble County.)

Some parks particularly those in the rural parts of the state, would not be commercially viable without a state subsidy, and almost surely  would be closed and turned into farm land, or perhaps sites for growing switch grass (which can be used to make bio fuels).
The justification for the parks program is that it helps economic development in the state.  It is not necessary that economic development would be negatively affected if we assume that commercial interests who would buy the parks, would be inclined to expand investment in the sites that are actually generating traffic and have a proven commercial justification.  

The majority of parks in rural areas of the state are located in Senatorial Districts controlled by Senators who have in the past held firmly to a “no new taxes” philosophy.  Kentucky’s metropolitan areas have long contributed more in tax revenue to the state than they received back from the state.  This means that the metropolitan areas of the state are supporting the Parks system for the benefit of the rural areas.  

If it comes down to operating a state park system or an educational system, which is more important?  Conservatives who oppose any new taxes, should be excited to get state government out of the parks business and let the “Free Enterprise System” do its thing.

The following chart shows the location of Kentucky State Parks and the party affiliation of their State Senator.

While we do not advocate the state selling the state parks, this is the type of decision that is being forced on the state by current legislative policy that refuses to adequately support the parks, and more importantly refuses to provide the state with necessary increased revenue at the time that costs of operation are increasing. 

   22 Republican – 1 Indep. Rep.   (62 state parks ) –

   15 Democrat (30 state parks)

SENATOR & Party Affiliation
Winters     Republican
Dist. 1
Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Lyon,
Lake Barkley State Park
Columbus-Belmont State Park
Mineral Mound State Park
Obion Creek WMA
Leeper    Indep./Rep.
Dist. 2
Ballard, Marshall, McCracken
KY Dam Village State Park
Swan Lake WMA
Peal WMA
Barlow Bottoms WMA
Western Ky. WMA
Ky. Lake WMA
Wickliffe Mounds
Pendleton   Democrat
Dist. 3
Christian, Logan, Todd
Jefferson Davis Monument
Ridley   Democrat
Dist. 4
Caldwell, Crittenden, Henderson, Livingston, Union,
John James Audubon
Gibson   Republican
Dist. 4
Breckinridge, Grayson, Hancock, Hart, Larue, Meade
Rough River
Rhoads   Democrat
Dist. 5
Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Ohio
Lake Malone
Pennyrile Forest
Peabody WMA
Carroll  Democrat
Dist. 6
Anderson, Fayette, Franklin, Woodford
State Horse Park
Boswell  Democrat
Dist. 7
Daviess, McLean
Ben Hawes State Park
Givens  Republican
Dist. 8

Allen, Barren, Edmonson, Green, Metcalfe, Simpson
Barren River State Park
Nolin Lake State Park
Tori   Republican
Dist. 9

Hardin, Jefferson
Bernheim Forest
Schinkel  Republican
Dist. 10
Boone, Gallatin, Kenton
Big Bone Lick State Park
Dr. Martin  & Marian Adair WMA
Kerr  Republican
Dist. 11

State Horse Park
Stein, K.   Democrat
Dist. 12
State Horse Park
Kelly  Republican
Dist. 13

Marion, Mercer, Nelson, Taylor, Washington
My Old KY Home                                                                          
Lincoln Homestead
Ft. Harrod
Green River WMA
Green River Lake State Park
Perryville Battlefield S.H.S.
McGaha   Republican
Dist. 14

Adair, Casey, Pulaski, Russell
General Burnside State Park
Lake Cumberland State Park
Lake Cumberland WMA
Williams   Republican
Dist. 15

Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Monroe, Wayne,
Cumberland Falls State Park                                                                      Dale Hollow                                                                                           Old Old Mulkey Meeting House                                                                           Dale Hollow WMA
Thayer  Republican
Dist. 16

Grant, Kenton, Owen, Scott
Guthrie Gates WMA
Twin Eagle WMA
Borders  Republican
Dist. 17

Bracken, Carter, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Robertson
Blue Licks Battlefield
Greenbo Lake State Park
Claude Cummings WMA
Carter Caves State Park
Grayson Lake  State Park
Grayson Lake WMA
Tygarts State Forest
Shaughnessy   Democrat
Dist. 18
Tapp   Republican
Dist. 19

Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer
Taylorsville Lake State Park
Jensen   Republican
Dist. 20

Estill, Jackson, Laurel, Menifee, Powell
Natural Bridge State Park
Red River Gorge
Levi Jackson State Park
Pioneer Weapons
Mill Creek WMA
Buford Republican
Dist. 21

Boyle, Fayette, Garrard, Jessamine
State Horse Park
Constitution Square
Westwood   Republican
Dist. 22
Stine   Republican
Dist. 23

 Pendleton, Campbell,
Kincaid Lake State Park
Stivers   Republican

Clay, Knox, Lee, Magoffin, Morgan, Owsley,  Wolfe
Thomas Walker State Park
Harris   Republican
Dist. 25

Carroll, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Trimble
General Butler State Park
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Blevins   Republican
Dist. 26

Boyd, Elliott, Fleming, Lawrence, Rowan
Fleming County WMA
Yatesville Lake State Park
Yatesville WMA
Palmer   Republican
Dist. 27

Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Harrison, Montgomery,
Blue Licks Battlefied State Park
Clay WMA
Turner   Democrat
Dist. 28
Breathitt, Floyd, Knott, Letcher
Jenny Wiley State Park
Kingdom Come State Park
Lillie Cornett Woods
Carr Creek State Park
Dewey Lake WMA
Robinson Forest
Smith   Republican
Dist. 29
Bell, Harlan, Leslie, Perry
Buckhorn State Park
Kingdom Come State Park
Pine Mountain State Park
Ky. Ridge State Forest
Shilalah Creed WMA
Kentucky State Forest
Martins Fork WMA
Cranks Creek WMA
Jones   Democrat
Dist. 30
Johnson, Martin, Pike
Fishtrap Lake
Paintsville Lake State Park
Breaks Interstate Park
Paintsville Lake WMA
Guthrie  (vacant)
Dist. 31
Butler, Warren    (Guthrie goes to Congress, special election will be required)
Neal   Democrat
Dist. 32
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Worley  Democrat
Dist. 33
Lincoln, Madison, Rockcastle
Fort Boonesborough
White Hall
Harper Angel   Democrat
Dist. 34
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Denton  Republican
Dist. 35

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Clark  Democrat
Dist. 37
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Seum    Republican
Dist. 38

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park


  See the current state budget adopted in 2009: http://osbd.ky.gov/publications/buddocs.htm
  See Interactive map of State Parks at:  http://parks.ky.gov/default.htm

17 State Resort Parks   
Resort parks include a lodge with overnight accommodations            
  State   Historic Parks                        
State Recreation Parks      
Barren River Givens  Republican
   Boone Station Ben Hawes
Blue Licks Battlefield                  Palmer   Republican    Constitution Square Big Bone Lick
Buckhorn Lake Smith   Republican    Dr. Thomas Walker Carr Creek
Carter Caves Borders  Republican    Jefferson Davis Columbus-Belmont
Cumberland Falls                 Williams   Republican    Old Mulkey Meeting House                E. P. Tom Sawyer
Dale Hollow Lake                  Williams   Republican    Perryville Battlefield Fishtrap Lake
General Butler Harris  Republican    Waveland Fort Boonesborough
Greenbo Lake Borders  Republican    White Hall General Burnside
Jenny Wiley Turner   Democrat    William Whitley Grayson Lake
Kenlake Leeper    Indep./Rep.
   Wickliffe Mounds Green River Lake
Kentucky Dam Village              Leeper    Indep./Rep.
  John James Audubon
Lake Barkley  Winters  Republican   Kincaid Lake
Lake Cumberland                  McGaha   Republican   Kingdom Come
Natural Bridge Jensen   Republican   Lake Malone
Pennyrile Forest  Rhoads  Democrat   Levi Jackson Wilderness Road
Pine Mountain Smith   Republican   Lincoln Homestead
Rough River Gibson   Republican   Mineral Mound
  My Old Kentucky Home
    Nolin Lake
Old Fort Harrod
  Paintsville Lake
    Taylorsville Lake
    Yatesville Lake

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