Three Year Study Provides Suggestions to Improve Civil Jury Trials


The Bar Association of the 7th. Circuit Bar Association has conducted a study with suggestions for reformation of Civil Trial practice.  The study took three years.  In the process they reviewed 50 civil trials and tested seven new concepts of jury strategy.


The new concepts tested by the survey included:


  1. allowing juries to ask questions of witnesses in writing
  2. limiting presentations by lawyers
  3. giving jury instructions before evidence was presented
  4. permitting lawyers to make statement to jurors between witness testimony during the evidentiary part of the trial
  5. using questionnaires from jurors in the selection voir dire process
  6. always using twelve jurors
  7. giving jurors guidance about how to deliberate


To read more about this story  Go to:


Then go to Association Projects and select 7th. Circuit Jury Project Final Report


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