Popular Louisville attorney Margaret “Maggie” Keane, has won election as Vice-President of the Kentucky Bar Association.

Results certified this week show that Keane beat Manchester lawyer Scott Madden in the race for vice president by a vote of 2,400 to 2,084.  The election places Keane in line to be the next President of the KBA.

Madden an attorney from Manchester, Kentucky, made an impressive run for the office considering the advantage shared by lawyers from large law firms and large cities.
Keane’s candidacy drew attention after attorney Ann Oldfather, her adversary in a strip-search case involving a Bullitt County McDonald’s restaurant, sent a letter to about 600 lawyers last month. It alleged that Keane knowingly misled the court in that case when she said all documents concerning prior strip searches at McDonald’s stores had been turned over to the plaintiff’s legal team.
Keane declined to respond at the time, other than to note that the trial judge in the case summarily denied Oldfather’s motions for sanctions against Keane and other lawyers for McDonald’s.  Several prominent attorneys came to the defense of Keane and pointed out in letters to the editor of the Courier Journal that the trial court had also heard claims against Oldfather about withholding of discovery.  The court refused to find that either party had withheld discovery.

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