Lexington attorney John Meyers named interim head of kba

FRANKFORT — Lexington attorney John D. Meyers has been named interim executive director for the Kentucky Bar Association by its governing board. 

Meyers, who has been the association’s continuing legal education program director since October 2005, replaces Jim Deckard, who recently announced he will step down to pursue private practice. 

A native of Lexington, Meyers is a graduate of Lafayette High School . He received a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University before graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Law. 

“I am excited about this opportunity to continue my service to the Kentucky Bar Association during this important period of transition,” Meyers said in a statement. “I look forward to working with the Board of Governors, our members and staff in maintaining the day-to-day operation of our Kentucky Bar Center and fulfilling the other duties of the position.” 

Meyers has built a good relationship with Bar members, and surely will be on the short list of nominees for permanent appointment to the position of Executive Director of the KBA. 

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