Supreme Ct. Topics for February

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The following topics were discussed this month by the  Ky. Supreme Court.

4 KBA Attorney Discipline Rulings

Res judicata does not apply to zoning map amendment     

liability of mental health professional regarding threats of harm by a patient to third party

elements required for civil claim of fraud and negligent misrepresentation- puffing-

business goodwill of surgeon can be personal and non-marital property  as with some professional degrees- methods for valuation of business- average of four methods improper

zoning for bar based on measurement of distance between existing bar and proposed bar- methodology used- while crossing may be legal it may not be safe-deference to fact

liability of mental health professional regarding threats of harm by a patient to third party

waiver of failure to answering interrogatory re: damages when deposition was taken without objection on issue of damages

preservation of right to appeal after guilty plea—prosecutorial vindictiveness – requirement of actual prejudice in speedy trial request

worker’s compensation – work connected injury

worker’s compensation- employers violation of safety rules

worker’s compensation- pneumoconiosis vs. traumatic injury standards

worker’s compensation- circuit court has jurisdiction to determine if W/C act applies  
Numerous findings of prosecutorial error forgiven by court.- Dissent by Schroder and Noble

faretta hearing- defendant’s right to appear as hybrid counsel

Youthful offenders may granted parole consideration even though convicted as violent offender

fists as dangerous instrument must be proven to have caused the injury- double jeopardy imposed on finding of insufficient proof by appeallate court

preservation of objection for appeal – palpable error review-sufficiency of the evidence challenge- operability of firearm presumption

statements of deceased rape victim- crawford v. Washington-testimonial statements- excited utterance

bifurcated and trifurcation sentencing hearings-use of misdemeanor during penalty phase harmless error-enhancement of penalty is not double jeopardy

jury instruction on facilitation not merited-custodial statements-taint-harmless error

404-B evidence of prior acts-exceptions-testimony of expert –social worker- failure to preserve error

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