Is a Buddist subdivision development in works for Carroll County, Ky.?


It is interesting to read the small print in newspapers that show property transfers.  In January four lots in the Zen Village Subdivision were sold by the Bodhidhama Zen Monastery, Inc. of Turner’s Stations, Ky. to four different individuals with Vietnamese sounding names.  The lot purchasers were: Nguyett Truong of Northville, Mich, Thanh Le of Royal Oak, Mich., Noi Thanh Pham of Troy, Mich., and Tran Thi Tien of Turners Station, Ky.


LawReader headquarters are located in Carroll County, and we certainly welcome new members of our growing international community.   In the l970’s Carrollton had a migration of Michigan residents move here and open the large Dow Corning facility.  They have been good citizens and we have no doubt that our Buddist newcomers from Michigan will also be welcomed.

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