reports rumor where Sen. David Williams will be named to the Court of Appeals seat vacated by Judge Dyche

Mark Nickolas on reports an interesting rumor floating around Frankfort.
The talk is that Senate President David Williams (R) is interested in being appointed to the Court of Appeals seat  held until last month by Judge Robbie Dyche, who recently retired (though Dyche remains as the only candidate on the November ballot), with sources saying that they believe the appointment is effectively a “done deal.”

Supposedly, the rumor has it that Dyche would stand for election this November (he is unopposed) and after the
 election he would resign, and Williams would be appointed by the Governor to his vacancy.  The Governor would
then call a special election for Williams vacate seat in the Senate.

As a part of the deal, if this rumor is true, Dyche would be appointed to the Worker’s Compensation Board where  he would be paid a salary, and still be able to draw his full judicial retirement benefits.


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