Cocaine, Heroin and Marihuana Found in Tests of Air and Water in Madrid and Barcelona

The following news story raises an interesting question about drug testing in general.  If the air is polluted with controlled substances, is it possible that a person who breathes this air may test positive? 


 May 15, 2009


Researchers have found minute traces of cocaine, heroin and cannabis in the air of the two Spanish cities

The story has obtained wide coverage around the world, after scientists tested the air in Madrid and Barcelona for drugs and found traces of five, with cocaine the highest.

The experiment was carried out by researchers from the CSIC, the Superior Council for Scientific Investigation, with the Catalan Institute for Research into Water and CIEMAT, the Centre for Technological, Environmental and Energy Research.

Tests across several points of the two cities concluded that the air contains cocaine, heroin and cannabis. Two years ago CSIC researchers announced they had found cocaine and heroin in many rivers across Spain.

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