Seven Senators who voted against Slots Bill face potential Voter Backlash in 2010


Columnist Larry Dale Keeling wrote in the Herald-Leader blog that the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee defeat of the Governors Racetrack slots bill has cost the districts of seven Republican Senators millions of dollars in education projects.  He predicts that those seven state Senators, who are up for re-eleciton in 2010, will face some backlash for their vote to kill the Gov.’s bill in their committee denying it a vote of the full Senate.


Keeling wrote:

“Seven Republicans who voted to kneecap Ol’ Slots during Monday’s Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee face re-election next year, assuming they choose to seek it. Sen. Bob Leeper, the Paducah Independent who caucuses with the Republicans and voted with them on this issue, also faces a 2010 race.

By voting against Slots Bill, six of the seven Republicans and Leeper deprived their districts of K-12 and post-secondary education projects approved by the House and scheduled to be funded with revenue generated by allowing Kentucky racetracks to compete slot machine for slot machine with “racinos” in other states.

The loss in Majority Floor Leader Dan Kelly’s district was minimal — a $1.87 million project in Mercer. But other districts saw far more significant amounts of proposed spending disappear as a result of their senators’ no votes. County

Leeper’s district, for instance, lost projects worth $9.7 million in Marshall County and $17 million in McCracken. County

Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr’s no vote helps deprive Fayette County of $7.4 million in school construction, the University of Kentucky of $136.6 million and the Bluegrass Community and Technical of $1 million. College

A&R Chairman Charlie Borders’ district took a big hit as a result of his vote: school construction worth $3.1 million in Bracken County, $18 million in Carter County, $19 million in Lewis County and $15.7 million in Robertson. Maysville Community and Technical lost a $5 million project as well. College County

Bullitt, in Sen. Gary Tapp’s district, lost an $18.4 million project as a result of Slots Bill’s defeat. However, Tapp is not seeking re-election next year.

In the district of Sen. Ernie Harris, another no vote, Carroll County lost $2.2 million, Henry County lost $20 million and Trimble lost $10.5 million. County

Sen. Brandon Smith also cast a no vote that helped keep his district from receiving school projects worth $4.1 million in Leslie County and $13.4 million in Perry County, plus a $15 million project for Hazard Community and Technical.” College

WAVE television in Louisville, who are noted for their Republican slanted editorial opinions,  blasted Sen. David Williams, and those Louisville area Senators who voted against the bill.  They called for the removal of Sen. Ernie Harris, Sen. Denton, and Sen. Seum. Denton and Seum are not up for re-election until 2012.

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