CAMELOT WILL NOT BE FORGOT – by Stan Billingsley

Camelot Will Not Be Forgot

By Stan Billingsley-


“Don’t let it be forgot,

That once there was a spot

For one brief shining moment

That was known as Camelot.”

     As they laid to rest the third prince, some said that Camelot would now be “forgot”.

But men and women from every hamlet, from every land, champion the tale, and carry forward its banner.

This Arthurian tale, that skeptics call legend, has lived a thousand years and will live another, and another.  

    Camelot speaks of a Roundtable, where men of all classes sit as equals.  To sit at this table one need only be a seeker of justice, no pedigree required.  Its Knights recognize a quest of public service.  Be they a clerk, a scribe, a wise man, a merchant, a teacher or speak a foreign tongue, all are welcome at this table.  This is the eternal flame of Camelot. This is why it will not be “forgot”.

   Skeptics forget the message of John F. Kennedy that public service was a high calling, and served a noble purpose.  They forget the call of Robert Kennedy for social justice and the virtues of peace. 

They forget the oft spoken words of Ted Kennedy that told us Camelot would live on:

 “To those who seek justice…The Work Continues, Hope Still Lives, The Cause Endures, And the Dream Lives On”.

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