The Kentucky Attorney Generals Office refuses court order to release exculpatory evidence. Fayette Circuit Judge dismisses criminal charges. –Attorney General fails to obtain indictment from Russell County Grand Jury, so he resubmits the case to a Franklin County Grand Jury

 Because the Prosecution refused to comply in order to allow Leon Grider a fair trial to start on September 21, 2009 by turning over the documents;  Judge Payne of Lexington dismissed the charges against Leon Grider.

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd, assigned to Eric Griders case ordered the Attorney Generals office to turn over those over 100 boxes of documents seized and under the custody of the Kentucky Attorney Generals office.  However after that order was issued, the Attorney Generals office filed a writ of mandamus to the Kentucky Court of Appeals to keep Judge Shepherds order from being enforced.

It is also claimed in a Justice Watch website article that Leon Grider refused to plead guilty to the 05-CR-00074 action;  the Attorney Generals office in retaliation began an investigation against his son Eric Grider.  KBI Agent Kelly Hensley took charges against Eric Grider to the Russell County Grand Jury who refused to indict Eric Grider.  The Attorney Generals Office simply turned around and took the same charges to the Franklin Circuit Grand Jury.



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