The U.S. News and World Report has published U.S. Law School Rankings for 2009 – UK in top third


 Of the Top 100 Law Schools in the U.S. the University of Kentucky College of Law is the highest ranked Kentucky Law School and is ranked No. 55 nationally.  That puts UK in the top third of U.S. Law Schools.

 Louisville is the second and is ranked number 98 in the top 100.

 Chase is a distant third.    Chase Law School is not ranked in the top 100 of 184 U.S. Law Schools.

 University of Kentucky (KY)

Tier 1  Rank 55

 University of Louisville (Brandeis) (KY)

Tier 1   Rank 98

 Northern Kentucky University (Chase) (KY)

Tier 4 – Not ranked in Top 100

 Regional Law Schools:

University of Cincinnati

Tier 1  Rank 52


Tier 1  Rank 17

 Yale  No. 1

 Harvard No. 2

 Stanford No. 3

 Columbia  No. 4


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