Was there buried treasure at Summit Hills Country Club? FBI conducts search for evidence on Hole #3 at Summit Hills Country Club in Kenton County. LawReader CEO and Club member Gwen Billingsley denies involvement.

 Club officials are hush-hush about the appearance of the FBI and their federal search warrant, and the “capsule” they removed from the bottom of a hole dug in the turf with the aid of the club’s backhoe. 

 Club members noted that William Erpenbeck, who was convicted of a financial scandal along with his father, both had maintained homes fronting on the golf course just a couple of tee shots from the site where the hole was dug.  Did they bury millions there?   Or were they just looking for that expensive PRO VI golf ball that Judge Billingsley lost this spring in that area?

 Club officials refused to disclose the contents of the search warrant but cooperated with the federal agents

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