Northern Kentucky Attorneys and Court House Workers Come to Aid of Boone Court Bailiff Donna Jansen Who Lost Leg in Boating Accident

  On Aug. 15th. Boone Deputy Sheriff Donna Jansen was boating at Lake Cumberland, when her jet ski ran into the back of a motor boat and the propeller struck her.  The accident cost Deputy Jansen her right leg above the ankle and severely damaged her left leg.  Donna faces a long and difficult rehabilitation as well as numerous medical bills. 

 Her spirits have been elevated due to the strong support and friendship demonstrated by her co-workers.

 Northern Kentucky lawyers Leslie Knight, Tasha Scott and Jennifer Hatfield joined with the Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy, friends, clerks and courthouse personnel to sponsor a fundraiser on Oct. 23rd.   The fundraiser was attended by hundreds of people.

Donna is about to be fitted with her first prosthesis.  She still can’t use her injured left leg, but is looking forward to learning to walk again.  Currently she is getting around in a wheelchair.

She said:  “These people have surrounded me with love and affection and fun, and I can’t express how much I thank them.”

Deputy Jansen who has to work one more year to be eligible for retirement is hoping to recover and to return to work.

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