Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley suspended for 45 days without pay

 Woodford County Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley has been accused of judicial misconduct has been suspended for 45 days without pay and publicly reprimanded.

The Judicial Conduct Commission, the state’s judicial oversight body, ruled that Judge Tamra Gormley, whose district covers Scott, Woodford and Bourbon counties, inappropriately handled two cases: a domestic violence hearing in Scott County and a child custody hearing in Woodford County.

A third count against Gormley, which stemmed from a child custody case in Scott County, was dismissed because the commission said the charge was not proven by clear and convincing evidence.  Her attorney said they are contemplating an appeal.


The ruling says Gormley violated a man’s due process rights in a Scott County case. The commission said she held a man in contempt without advance notice and without his attorney present. Gormley did not witness the actions outside the courtroom that led to the contempt charge.

On the second count, the commission found that Gormley entered a change of custody order that removed a child from the custody of her father but denied the father the right to put on his own evidence. Gormley, the commission found, acted as an advocate for the mother in that case.

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