Charges against Governor Fletcher dismissed by Judge Melcher…read the Governors statement

August 24, 2006 


My Fellow Kentuckian: 


As you have heard, it’s over.  I have been cleared of all charges against me and have been exonerated of all allegations.  Judge Melcher has agreed to the dismissal of these charges. 


Throughout this ordeal, I have maintained my focus on improving education, assuring health care for Kentucky families, especially our aging population who depend on Medicaid and growing economic opportunities for jobs and businesses.  This administration has made enormous progress in each of these areas. 


I have said all along that mistakes have been made and the buck stops with me. 


Now that this distraction is over, my administration will sharpen and re-double efforts to make the Commonwealth of Kentucky a better place to live and work.  You deserve that, and this administration is committed to making it happen. 


Thank you for your continued support. 




Ernie Fletcher


  1. Bill Adkins
    1:25 pm on August 26th, 2006

    The return address on Ernest’s email is somewhere in the Twilight Zone. The star of ‘Ernest Goes to Frankfort’ is dealing with bad reviews.