Louisville Bar Association Releases Judicial Evaluation Poll – Four Judges Score Below Average


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 Judicial Evaluation Results


The results of the LBA’s annual judicial evaluation of local sitting judges are now available for download.

The judicial evaluation, which has been conducted since 1979, is designed to provide constructive criticism to sitting judges in order to allow them to improve their performance and maintain the high quality of justice delivered throughout Jefferson County. A total of 29 judges from the U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court and Magistrates for the Western District of Kentucky and the Jefferson District Court (including Senior Status judges) were evaluated in 2009.

To view the evaluation results, follow the links listed below:
Report of Findings
Comparison of Judges Summary Report

For additional information about the evaluation or to obtain a bound copy of the results and/or presentation, please contact the LBA Communications Director at (502)583-5314 or svaldez@loubar.org.

–All but four Jefferson County district judges finished in the average to exceptional range based on their job performances in the last year, according to a recent Louisville Bar Association survey.

The 20 judges, who were evaluated by lawyers, had an average score of 83 percent in generally doing well in their positions. But four scored below the mid-70s, putting them in the below-average range, said Jim Lunger of the Thoroughbred Research Group, which conducted the survey for the bar association.

Those judges were Katie King, at 69 percent; Annette Karem, 65 percent; William Ryan, 66 percent; and Paula Fitzgerald, 36 percent. Ryan and Fitzgerald both have senior status.

Their scores are out of a possible 100 percent.

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