LawReader Welcomes South Carolina Basketball Whiz Devan Downey to Kentucky


By Judge Stan Billingsley (Ret.)

The Wildcats only loss this year was to South Carolina.  That game featured the remarkable play of Devan Downey.  He is only about 5′ 10″ tall and is said to be able to dribble the ball no higher than the top of his shoes, making it almost impossible for tall opponents to steal the ball from him.

During the Kentucky loss, he scored 30 points and made some moves I thought I would never see unless I was watching Kentucky’s John Wall.

We love good basketball in Kentucky, and while we want Kentucky to win this week, we welcome Downey and his team to the Bluegrass.

It was reported in the Lexington Herald that some so called Kentucky Basketball fans have deluged Downey with threats and racist comments.  We condemn those idiots as they don’t represent true basketball fans.  This is the same group of idiots who boo Rick Pitino when he comes to Rupp Arena.

Lets not forget this is a game, and Pitino gave us a national championship.  Many fans like myself root for UofL and Pitino anytime they play except when they play Kentucky.  What a thrill to have two high quality teams to root for.

Lexington Herald:  “After leading South Carolina to an unprecedented three straight victories over Kentucky, Devan Downey has a good idea of the bad reception he’ll receive in Rupp Arena on Thursday night.

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a not-too-warm welcome,” he said with comedic understatement on Tuesday. “I know it’s all in fun. But I’ve gotten my share of hate mail and Facebook messages from Kentucky fans.”

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