A great writer tells the beautiful story of a great jurist.

Andy Wolfson has written a story about U.S. District Judge Ed Johnstone who at the age of 84 has decided to stop trying cases.  We strongly reccomend that you read this story for two reasons.  First it illuminates an amazing jurist who was a World War II hero, and became a highly respected public servant who is revered by everyone who knows him.  Johnstone’s life and career will stand for a long time as an example of how our brief existence should be conducted.

The second reason you should read this article is for the pure joy of Andy Wolfson’s writing.  You hardly know he is there. His words flow like a gentle river and carries you along effortlessly. What a great piece of literature. 

Stop whatever you are doing and see for yourself. Go to:

Compassion has ruled judge’s career

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