The Fen Phen case gets curiouser and curiouser – Plaintiff’s lawyer Angela Ford purchased the William Gallion home with Plaintiff’s funds at foreclosure sale in Nicholasville – U.S. Attorney protests – Jessamine Circuit Judge Hunter Daugherty order to set aside the sale pending.

Dec. 15, 2010

      LawReader has confirmed from records of the Master Commissioner of Jessamine County that the home of Fen Phen defendant William Gallion was recently sold at a judicial sale.  The Jessamine County Master Commissioner is Chris Stansbury.

     The auction price bid by Angela Ford in behalf of the Plaintiff’s in their civil action was $__________________.

     It is reported that the U.S. Attorney’s office protested the purchase with Plaintiff’s funds, as some of the recovered funds she is holding in trust, is from 14 Fen Phen plaintiffs whom she does not represent.

    A hearing was held before Jessamine Circuit Judge Hunter Daugherty  to consider the U.S. attorneys objections to the purchase.  Judge Daugherty is said to have set aside the sale, but his official order is pending.

    A recent check of the appeal status of the Fen Phen civil case from Boone  Circuit Court reveals that the civil appeal of Gallion has been argued before the court and a decision has been assigned out to a Judge to write the decision.  That anticipated ruling has been pending for almost two years.   That information is reported on the AOC web site

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