Judge Karen Caldwell suspends law limiting kooks disrupting military funerals.

The Associated Press has reported that U.S. District Judge Karen Caldwell has temporarily suspended Kentucky’s new law restricting public demonstrations within 300 feet of a military funeral.
Some nuts from some silly church have pooled their pennies and taken bus rides from Iowa or where ever their ilk congregate, and vocally shouted down the mourners at funeral services.

They some how believe that the poor soldier deserved to die, and in their crippled little minds find this as an opportunity to spew hatred towards gays.

Judge Caldwell believes the 300 foot zone of silence adopted by the 2006 session of the General Assembly is excessive and will interfere with legitimate discourse in excess of what is needed to silence the people with the pointed heads and a better law can be written. 

It’s sometimes tough being a judge and we feel for Judge Caldwell on this one. She does have a point, and we should remember that if we surrender free speech to these nuts, next time they will be trying to limit  protests of the next war of pre-emption or blanket pardoning of state workers.

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