The Threat to Judicial Independence – Jail 4 Judges

The Threat to Judicial Independence – Jail 4 Judges
In November, South Dakotans will vote on a state constitutional amendment being advocated by a national group called “JAIL 4 Judges.” If the amendment passes, it would eliminate judicial immunity, and enable a special grand jury to censure judges for their official legal determinations. Although the amendment’s supporters claim they seek a “judicial accountability initiative law” (JAIL), they aspire to something far more sinister — judicial intimidation. Indeed, the national Web site of JAIL 4 Judges boasts with striking candor that the organization “has that intimidation factor flowing through the judicial system.”

These people of course have a web site.  Please put on surgical  gloves before accessing this site:


They are active in a number of states including California, Florida, and South Dakota.
“ a proposed amendment to the Federal Constitution and those of the States as a check against judicial misconduct and abuse of power.

The initiative creates three statewide Special Grand Juries in California for the sole purpose of investigating complaints against judges.

The Special Grand Juries will have the power to sanction judges by levying fines and forfeitures against them; and for third-time offenses, removal from the bench.

The Special Grand Juries will also have the power to indict judges and subject them to criminal proceedings before special trial juries who may sentence as well as convict the offending judge.”

    Their site says then want to fine, censure, convict and send judges to prison. 

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