Don McNay authors first book on Fletcher Administration – Book signing on Oct. 9th. in Lexington

The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher has been officially released. Most Kentucky bookstores, including Joseph-Beth, are waiting on copies of the book but should have them by early next week.

 The official book kick off and book signing will be Monday, October 9th at 7 p.m. at the Joseph Beth Booksellers In Lexington, Ky. 

 I  will do a presentation, book reading, book signing and answer questions.  It will be a very nice event so please come and invite hundreds of your closest friends.
I will invite the Governor but suspect he will be in Ireland, Germany or some place far from me.

I did an  interview today with the Courier Journal for what sounds like an interesting article.  Keep your eyes open for that.

Amazon has been selling the book for about a week and sales are going very well.    You can purchase a book there or review it yourself.   I would really appreciate your taking time to leave comments about the book.

Enclosed is a news release that Susan DeHart wrote about the book.

 For more information contact:  Susan DeHart at 1-800 Mr. McNay (1-800-676-2629) or
The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher now available.

 Governor Ernie Fletcher’s reign has been filled with a colorful array of political victories, disappoints and indictments, and with the campaign trail in sight, this is a time for Kentuckians to reflect upon Fletcher’s leadership.

 Don McNay, a syndicated columnist and author of the book, The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher: Reflections on Kentucky’s Governor  is unmasking the leader, gathering up the pieces and giving Kentuckians new perspectives on the big question of how did Fletcher go from cleaning up the mess to ending  up in one.

 “This is not a biography,? stated McNay, “But a basis for shedding new light on Governor Fletcher’s journey to his current political state and future as governor.?

 Having been inspired to return to writing by Governor Fletcher’s inauguration after a twenty year hiatus, McNay, Chairman of McNay Settlement Group, Inc., has made a successful career out of Fletcher’s credits, failures, ignorance and unconventional behavior.

 McNay writes, “I can’t imagine another governor buzzing the United States Capitol in an airplane, building a secret door to their office, or driving a limo the 500 feet between their office and home.?

Using rock n’ roll analogies coupled with a sense of humor, McNay’s book tackles important political issues effecting Kentuckians and reveals insightful parallels into Governor Fletcher’s rocky attempts to “cleaning up the mess in Frankfort.?

In an excerpt from the book, McNay writes:  “Like Frank Sinatra, Governor Fletcher has had his ups and downs in life. Sticking the state with a $645,075 bill for a bumper sticker was not one of his up moments.?

 Al Cross, political writer and Director of the Institute of Rural Journalism and Community Issues, proclaims, “Don McNay came to journalism relatively late, but he quickly proved that he has some attributes of fine journalists—a nose for news, a sense of justice, a capacity for outrage about injustice, a sympathy for the average person, and a willingness to speak truth to power.?

 John Eckberg, business reporter for The Cincinnati Enquirer and author of Road Dog and The Success Effect, praises McNay for his fearlessness and willingness to take on powerful interests.

“He is what the First Amendment was all about two centuries back,? exclaimed Eckberg, “Do yourself a favor and buy this book.?

 Former Congressional candidate Rick Robinson said, “Thank God the SOB wasn’t writing back when I ran for office.?

 McNay’s book is being published through AuthorHouse, based in Bloomington, Indiana. The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher: Reflections on Kentucky’s.

  To find out more about the book, how to purchase a copy or view a list of upcoming book tour dates, please visit

 To schedule an interview, book signing or speaking engagement for Don McNay, please contact Susan DeHart at 1-800-Mr. McNay (800) 676-2629 or

You can also contact Don McNay directly at or (859) 626-3600 ext 25.

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