Legislative Ethics Commission cost per complaint is 126 times greater than cost of the Judicial Conduct Ethics Commission

These numbers are stunning.   The cost of the operation of the Legislative Ethics Commission is shocking.   Before reading this you should take a deep breath and sit down for a moment. 

Their single case cost is $250,000.   The cost of judicial ethics reviews is less than $2,000 a case.

The Judicial Conduct Commission is charged with investigating and sanctioning judges and trial commissioners in Kentucky.  Their per case cost is 126th. that of the Legislative Ethics Commission which is supposed to regulate legislators.

The annual budget for the Judicial Conduct Commission for FY 11 is $198,300.  The JCC handles an average of 100 complaints a year at a cost of $1,983 per complaint filed.  (Numbers provided by AOC)

The Legislative Ethics Commission is reported by the Herald Leader to have a budget of $500,000 a year, and over the last decade have averaged only two complaints a year for a cost of $250,000 per complaint.

The JCC monitors some 250 judges, Senior Judges and Trial Commissioners.  The LEC monitors 138 legislators.

The next time I hear a legislator rail against government waste, we will ask him about the LEC operation.

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