LawReader CEO Gwen Billingsley

      My mother is getting on in years, and as mothers do, she passed on some family papers to me recently.  I found this interesting article from a Nashville newspaper from 1862. 

“NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, November 20,1862. p. 3, c 3

A singular couple got married in Chester County, Penn., the other day, merely making the following declaration in the presence of friends.

“We, Orson S. Murray, and Lydia P. Jacobs, make known to these our friends that we have chosen each other for conjugal companionship, in prosperity and adversity, in life and till death. We ask no license. We submit to  no dictation. We bow to no authority. We recognize no God nor Almighty power to guide or guard us. Our promises are to ourselves and each other, not to others. Our trust is not in others but in ourselves and each other.”

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