Last week, U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves summoned Attorney Eric Deters  to his court for a hearing on possible sanction regarding lawsuits Deters had filed.   After a discussion with Deters and his attorney Lawrence Forgy of Lexington, the judge elected not to impose a monetary penalty.

Forgy said lawyers jealous of Deters’ success were behind the bar association’s disciplinary proceedings. A trial commissioner has recom­mended Deters be suspended from the practice of law for 181 days, but the Kentucky Bar Association’s Board of Governors has agreed to review the charges. A hearing before the board is set for September 

 U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves said he was ordering Deters to have an independent lawyer review the operations of his law firm and adopt any recommendations. Deters must also attend 20 hours of ethics training.

Deters defended his filing of lawsuits, and claimed a legitimate basis for all claims.  Nevertheless he said he would not appeal Reeves’ decision. He said he welcomes the review and gets to decide who will conduct it, though the judge must approve the choice.

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