Seven positions on the KBA Board of Governors will be up for election in 2012. Applicants must submit a petition signed by 20 KBA members by October 28, 2011.


The following notice was published in the July edition of the Bench & Bar magazine in compliance with Supreme Court Rules.

 ”On June 30 of each year, terms expire for seven of the fourteen Bar Governors on the KBA Board of Governors.

 SCR 3.080 provides that notice of the expiration of the terms of the Bar Governors shall be carried in the Bench & Bar. SCR 3.080 also provides that a Board member may serve three consecutive two-year terms.

 Requirements for being nominated to run for the Board of Governors are contained in Section 4 of the KBA By-Laws and the requirements include filing a written petition signed by not less than twenty (20) KBA members in good standing who are residents of the candidate’s Supreme Court District. Board policy provides that “No member of the Board of Governors or Inquiry Commission, nor their respective firms, shall represent an attorney in a disciplinary matter.”

 Any such petition must be received by the KBA Executive Director at the Kentucky Bar Center in Frankfort prior to close of business on the last business day in October. The current terms of the following Board members will expire on June 30, 2012:

 1st District

Jonathan Freed  Paducah

2nd District

James D. Harris Jr.  Bowling Green

3rd District

M. Gail Wilson  Jamestown

4th District

Douglas C. Ballantine  Louisville

5th District

Anita M. Britton  Lexington

6th District

David V. Kramer  Crestview Hills

7th District

Bobby Rowe  Prestonsburg”

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