Commonwealth Attorney James Crawford of Carrollton selected as Special Prosecutor after Attorney General Jack Conway recused himself from Investigation of Sullivan College

By Stan Billingsley   LawReader Senior Editor

  On Tuesday Aug 30, the Courier Journal announced that Ky. Attorney General had recused himself from the investigation of Sullivan College for allegations that the for-profit college had told employees not to vote for Democrat Jack Conway’s re-election and encouraged contribution to the campaign of Conway’s Republican opponent Todd P’Pool.

Crawford was selected by a committee of four top officials of the AG’s office.

We don’t know the facts of this case and express no opinion about the possible outcome, but we know Jim Crawford and we believe that everyone can feel comfortable with his selection. 

 We have known Crawford for some 35 years.  He is a hard-nosed prosecutor. We once described him in our Book  Prosecutorial Misconduct, as being as “strong as nylon rope but also fair”.  We have previously cited him as the perfect model for a good prosecutor.   Being tough is not the only criteria for a good prosecutor.  Crawford is known for his fair play.  He is as tough on the police as he is on criminal defendants. 

Crawford is not like some well known prosecutors who host web sites and brag about their blood lust against all defendants.   Crawford just does his job and does it very well.

Anyone who has seen him work in the court room has seen him call out  the police for sloppy work.  He refuses to present weak cases.  If you try to pull a fast one on the facts, you do so at your own peril.

 Crawford is not political in the sense that he can be categorized as a partisan.  His strength in getting re-elected is political only in the sense that good work is the best politics.

Our biggest regret about Jim Crawford is that he never ran for Circuit Judge.  He would have been a great judge.   So stand back and watch this investigation.  Crawford calls his shots fairly, and won’t be intimidated by either side to this investigation.   The committee which appointed Crawford as Special Prosecutor did a great job.

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