Pithy and Witty Quotes To Live By – by attorney Steve Huddleston

Pithy and Witty Quotes by attorney Steve Huddleston

Lincoln said you can’t fool all the people all the time.  It’s equally true that you can’t give everything to everybody all the time.  Now, you can, but shouldn’t, give everything to the same few of the people every time.  George Bush didn’t say that, although lots of people are trying to.

Cold showers make me shiver.  Hot showers make me jump away.  I like my showers somewhere in between.  The same with politics.

Would someone important please tell the world that there are no such words as preventative and incentitive.  While we’re at it, why is arbitrator a word?  Doesn’t arbiter do it?  Why commentator instead of commenter?

Christianity is a mighty fine thing.  The problem with Christianity is that very few self-professed Christians seem to believe in it.  Case in point:  The Lord says that vengeance is His; that He will repay.  That should be good enough for any Christian.

It is a good thing to be rich.  There is nothing inherently wrong about being rich, nor with rich people.  I wouldn’t mind it one bit myself.

            What is wrong is to operate a government exclusively for the benefit of the rich.  This country is being run entirely for the benefit of people who don’t need the help.

            Aside from being unethical in the short-term and unwise in the long-term, it is hugely and unnecessarily expensive.  Big cats eat big.  A mouse does nothing to dull a tiger’s appetite.  Give a tiger a mouse and you’ve wasted a mouse.  It takes a wildebeest to improve a tiger’s disposition.

            Let us pay homage to computer technology.  It has enabled us to save time by working at home, on vacation, in airports and everywhere else at any time.  In truth, no one has ever saved time and no one ever will unless and until someone discovers how to put more than 24 hours in a day.

            By the way, where is all that daylight we saved last summer?

            I read where Toby Keith said that his daddy and granddaddy would roll over in their graves to know that he is a Republican.  He said further, according to the article, that his daddy always said that they didn’t have enough money to be Republicans, but now he, Toby, does have enough money to be a Republican.  Daddy and granddaddy must be very proud.  Now that he has achieved material success, he forsakes the party that sustained him when he didn’t.  

            I don’t know whether Toby really said this, but certainly a lot of former Democrats in similar situations have.  To them I say, congratulations.  Truly, you are Republicans.

            Here’s the way it works.  As Average Joe struggles and strains to pull himself up the ladder of prosperity, rung by hard-fought rung, he can count on the Republicans to be there stepping on his fingers all along the way.  If he somehow makes it to the top, the Republicans will be there to extend a friendly hand.  Welcome aboard.  Behold the splendors.  Let them be not defiled by grubby hands.  Know your duty.  Step on fingers.

            This is not new.  It is the Indian gauntlet.  If you survive, you get to be an Indian and beat up other aspirants.

            There are two fundamental political theories competing for dominance in this country.  The one that is winning promotes a system whereby it is relatively easy to maintain and enhance great wealth and, as a consequence, difficult to climb over the edge of poverty into the middle class.

            The other would make it easier to move up to middle class comfort, such as it is, from impoverishment.  As a consequence, the maintenance and enhancement of great wealth would require some effort; such as intelligent thought and wise decisions.

            The latter theory made America great. The former, if it subsists long enough, inevitably leads to Marxism or worse.

            If Congress really wanted to improve the lives of average Americans, it would outlaw automated phone systems.

            State presidential primary elections are an abomination.  The expense is horrendous.  Each Party’s candidates beat each other up.  Guess what, the other party is taking notes.  The issues are not delineated because the process is essentially a beauty and fund-raising contest and the forum changes from week to week.  In this the elections are not held on the same day, the sense of the people is fragmented.  Convention votes are committed to a particular candidate weeks and months before the date the votes are to be cast.  What, in the name of Sam Rayburn, are the political props, such as they are, thinking?  There are a number of states where Republicans can vote in the Democratic primary, and vice versa.  Are you kidding me?  That is not a party primary – that is stupidity. 

            Moreover, this primary election process rarely produces the party’s best nominee, which sort of defeats the whole purpose.  The whole thing is like something out of a Kafka novel.  For a party to submit to such a system exhibits a fundamental lack of understanding of politics.  It doesn’t do the country at large any favors either – waste of treasure, poor candidates, mind-numbing drivel, incessant advertising.  Oh, Richard Daley, where art thou?

            Currently, Republicans are not much hurt by the stupidity as they obviously will coalesce behind the President.  But they have been and will be in the future.  Meanwhile, Democrats wither under self-flagellation.  We should go back to the smoke-filled rooms of party conventions and let the people who know the candidates nominate them.  Then, the parties can square off with their best candidates in the general election. 

            What is it about political office in America that is so precious?  Men and women are willing to do those things necessary to procure millions of dollars to keep or attain it.  They are willing to practice scorched-earth politics; visiting shame and destruction not only upon their opponents, but anyone else in the way (such as the innocent families of their opponents).  If the straight-forward truth won’t suffice, hired mercenaries are given free rein to twist and distort as necessary.  They expose themselves and their families to the same abasement.  All of this for jobs that pay no more than $150,000 per year (presidency excepted) and usually a lot less.

Officeholders rarely resign, short of imprisonment, although certain defeat and disgrace await and even if resignation might spare them and others great embarrassment.  Can you imagine an American officeholder willingly calling for a vote of “no confidence” and gracefully resigning upon an unfavorable outcome?  It happens in other countries.

You can tell a lot about a man by what he holds dear.  There is something so captivating about holding public office in this country that a man will justify about anything to have it.  It’s not the salary.  So, what then?

America has never come to grips with race relations.  It’s difficult, but keep this in mind.  God could not have intended for man to be treated on the basis of the color of his skin.  This is undeniable.  All else is nonsense.

The mayhem and murder that stalks the land is mind-boggling.  Not to mention the thievery and unethical business practices.  And there’s more than a bit of pedophilia and other perversions afoot.  People seem so easily given over to the dark side.  Why?  Because no one is afraid of what is to become of his soul in the hereafter. 

In past days, even wanton criminals and gangsters stopped short of certain crimes.  Even they drew a line.  Can you conceive of Jesse James or Al Capone raping an 8 year old or killing a woman for no reason?

Nobody is scared of going to hell anyone.  It almost makes you hope there is a Hell.  I say “almost”.  I’d be more comfortable if I knew Hell’s exact admission standards.

            Death is the penultimate equalizer.  We will all die.  In death, we are all the same.  What becomes of our souls will not be determined by our material success.  Our lifetimes, compared to eternity, are hiccups.  Now, you either believe in something religious or you don’t.  If you profess to believe in something, you should keep in mind that you’re going to die and act accordingly in life.  Talking about what you believe in means nothing.  You ain’t fooling anybody important.

            Of all the things the government should not be doing conducting a lottery is at the top of the list.  There are opportunities in our economic system to get something for nothing.  It’s good stuff if you’re lucky enough to get it.  But the government should not be promoting and fostering the notion.  A lottery is the most insidious form of gambling.  It is promoted by taxpayer purchased advertising indiscriminately directed toward the public, that includes the poor, the weak-minded, the desperate, juveniles and everybody else.  When the Mafia did it, it was the numbers racket.  When the government does it, it’s a lottery.

            I never knew a good man that had to go around telling everybody that he was good in order to prove it.  Bible-thumping politicians are the worst.  We could do with a lot less thumping and a little more reading.

            The more rigid and moralistic the government becomes, the more wanton becomes criminal behavior, and more frequent.

            Somewhere along the way, Americans abandoned the very personal pursuit of a small, rich life in favor of the headlong chase of a large, empty one.

            It now seems clear that the power outages resulting in the great Northeast Blackout of August 14, 2003, originated with a utility company in northern Ohio.   Isn’t it time for somebody to apologize to Canada?

            Labels are for sweatshirts, not people.  The stamping of politicians with labels – conservative, liberal, moderate, knucklehead – has all but eradicated statesmanship from the political area.  The acceptance and brandishment of one’s label is pathetic.

            Office-holders have given over their thought processes to others with great relief.  Any thinking person will be liberal, on some issues, conservative on others, and somewhere in the middle on the rest.

            But, oh no, once branded, our officials cling to the party line handed down from the kings of conservative/liberal policy, as the case may be.  To do otherwise makes one liable to being stripped of his label, a prospect both loathsome and frightening.

            Sadly, most folks wee elect are merely pawns in a big chess game for the spoils of the wealthiest nation in the history of earth.

            Knights are useful pieces because they move in directions unique to themselves.  Pawns are usefully primarily to protect the king.  There are four pawns to every knight on the chessboard.  We should be thankful were the ratio that high on the realpolitick gameboard.

            A model should be developed for study in high school civics (obsolete) classes as follows:

                        There exists a nation blessed with great natural resources, natural barriers to invasion, a creative and a productive populace, a temperate climate and capital sufficient to service needs far beyond the basics.  In this country, those that seek to aid the poor and unfortunate, promote peace, restrain the carnage of wars, preserve the environment for posterity, deter unethical business practices and suppress greed, urge tolerance of differing beliefs and generally promote the common welfare are reviled as weak, contemptible and unfit for responsibility.

                        While those who seek to concentrate the nation’s wealth in a very few, subject the health of the environment to unrelenting demands for creation of wealth, reward and glorify greed, believe money equals speech, care not for the poor, despise those who think differently, bask in war and disharmony and generally abase anyone who is not them are given full run of the land – to work their will as they, in their discretion, deem fitting and proper. 

            This should be studied.  It really could happen somewhere.

It was asked long ago -  “Why do the heathen rage?”  It should now be asked – “Why are all the rages heathen?”

What does it say about us that we continue to send our money to Wall Street?  How many times and for how long must they steal before we come to our senses?

A fellow who shoplifts out of want is weak and nonetheless a thief.  We understand his thievery but wouldn’t hire him to clean out our garage.

Yet, we send our money to people on Wall Street who we don’t know except that they steal and have become fabulously wealth doing it… Are we so naïve as to believe that they steal from others, but wouldn’t do it to us?  I suspect we figure next time they steal it will work to our favor.  It’s kind of like betting on a fixed horse race.  It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it’s fixed.

A fellow who steals from want bears watching.  But beware the man who doesn’t have to steal, but does.

Write your Congressman.  Stop the slaughter.  We must build a separate highway system exclusively for semi-tractor trailer trucks.

The Supreme Court has heard a case where a state-financed college scholarship has been denied an otherwise qualified student because of his chosen court of study, theology.

Why a bright young scholar wants to devote himself to questions so trivial as who we are, how we got here and what we’re supposed to do while here, heaven only knows.  Anyway, it has caused something of a stir.

One side has it that to sponsor the study of theology with government funds violates the constitutional imperative of church and state separation.

Separation of church and state is vital.  Especially in these times when it seems the country abounds with holier-than-thous intent on lock-stepping us all into that most abominable of all subjugations – a theocracy. 

But you know, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing.

It matters not whether the student, or any student, or the donee of the scholarship funds believes in one god, many gods or no god.  Religious thought and examination has produced the most profound insights and observations were developed by mankind, as well as the shallowest.  The implications of religion and theology have occupied and unsettled the mind of man since time immemorial.  Theology is a field of study, no more theoretical nor less important than nuclear physics.  It needs to be studied by our brightest minds.  Nothing else matters much in comparison.

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