Federal Judge Susan Dlott, Stan Chesley’s wife, has withdrawn her KBA membership.

The KBA lawyers directory indicates that she has withdrawn pursuant to

- SCR 3.480       (see scr below)

LawReader has heard several comments from Ohio lawyers to the effect that they    are cancelling their Ky. Bar memberships  due to the increasingly over the top prosecution of attorneys in Kentucky.

Ohio lawyers say the Ohio Bar Association provides due process to attorneys charged with discipline complaints, and is less likely to seek severe sanctions for minor offenses.

See:  SCR 3.480 Withdrawal from the association

(1) Any member who desires to withdraw from membership and is not under investigation pursuant to Rule 3.160(2), and does not have a complaint or charge pending against him/her in any jurisdiction, shall file a written motion to that effect with the Court and serve a copy on the Registrar and the Inquiry Commission. The motion shall be docketed by the Clerk. The Registrar shall, after consultation with the Inquiry Commission, within ten (10) days after the filing of the motion, certify in writing to the Court whether the movant is an active member in good standing of the Association and whether movant is under a disciplinary investigation by the Inquiry Commission or has a complaint or charge pending against him/her in this or any jurisdiction. Said motion may be granted if movant is an active member in good standing and has no pending disciplinary investigation, complaints, or charges.

(2) The Court may consider negotiated sanctions of disciplinary investigations, complaints or charges if the parties agree. Any member who is under investigation pursuant to SCR 3.160(2) or who has a complaint or charge pending in this jurisdiction, and who desires to terminate such investigation or disciplinary proceedings at any stage of it may request Bar Counsel to consider a negotiated sanction. If the member and Bar Counsel agree upon the specifics of the facts, the rules violated, and the appropriate sanction, the member shall file a motion with the Court which states such agreement, and serve a copy upon Bar Counsel, who shall, within ten (10) days of the Clerk’s notice that the motion has been docketed, respond to its merits and confirm its agreement. The Disciplinary Clerk shall submit to the Court within the ten (10) day period the active disciplinary files to which the motion applies. The Court may approve the sanction agreed to by the parties, or may remand the case for hearing or other proceedings specified in the order of remand.

(3) Any member who has been engaged in unethical or unprofessional conduct and desires to withdraw his membership under terms of permanent disbarment shall file a verified motion with the Court stating as follows:

(a) He/she has violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, or his/her conduct fails to comply with those rules, the specifics of which shall be detailed in the motion.

(b) He/she will not seek reinstatement and understands the provisions of SCR 3.510 and SCR 3.520 do not apply.

(c) He/she will not practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky subsequent to the permanent disbarment order. The motion shall be served on Bar Counsel and docketed by the Clerk. Bar Counsel may file a response within 10 days after the filing of the motion to resign under terms of permanent disbarment. Simultaneously with service of the motion on Bar Counsel, the member will immediately cancel all advertising for which the member has contracted and shall direct the publisher of such advertising to immediately cease publication of such advertising insofar as the medium of that advertising makes such action practicable and whether or not the member has paid for the advertising in advance. The Disciplinary Clerk shall, within ten (10) days after the filing of such a motion, submit to the Court any active disciplinary files maintained by the Inquiry Commission relating to movant. The Court will then enter an appropriate order, stating the conditions, if any, under which the motion is granted, or deny the motion and direct the completion of disciplinary proceedings under these rules.

(4) Any member suspended or disbarred by order of this Court shall:

(a) Take all steps necessary and practicable to cease all forms of advertisement of the member’s practice immediately upon entry of an order of suspension or disbarment and shall report the fact and effect of those steps to the Director in writing within twenty (20)days after the order of suspension or disbarment is entered.

(b) Pay all costs of the disciplinary investigation and proceedings in accordance with Rule 3.450, and

(c) Comply with the provisions of Rule 3.390 regarding notice to clients of suspension or disbarment.

HISTORY: Amended by Order 2009-12, eff. 1-1-2010; prior amendments eff. 2-1-00 (Order 99- 1), 10-1-98 (Order 98-1), 4-1-82 (Order 82-1), 7-2-71

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