Threats against the nation’s judges and prosecutors
have sharply increased, prompting hundreds to get 24-hour protection from armed
U.S. marshals. Many federal judges are altering their routes to work,
installing security systems at home, shielding their addresses by paying bills
at the courthouse or refraining from registering to vote. Some even pack
weapons on the bench.

]The problem has become so pronounced that a high-tech “threat management” center recently opened in Crystal City, where a
staff of about 25 marshals and analysts monitor a 24-hour number for reporting threats, use sophisticated mapping software to track those being threatened and
tap into a classified database linked to the FBI and CIA.
“I live with a constant heightened sense of awareness,” said John R. Adams, a federal judge in Ohio who began taking firearms classes
after a federal judge’s family was slain in Chicago and takes a pistol to the courthouse on weekends. “If I’m going to carry a firearm, I’d better know how
to use it.”
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