In 2007 Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum P.S.C. of Lexington, posted on their web site an advertisement touting their expertise in “Mass Tort Drug Litigation” one of the drugs listed on their web
site on which they offered to provide “more information” listed the drug Fen Phen.
In 2007 the Federal Fen Phen case had been completed. The State case filed by Gallion et al had terminated, and the only Fen Phen case in Kentucky that we are aware of in 2007, was Angela
Ford’s lawsuit on behalf of some 430 Fen Phen clients to seek damages against Gallion, Cunningham and Mills for alleged overpayment of legal fees.  The Rosenblum firms website did not advertise
their expertize in tort drug litigation in 2006.

This invitation for Fen Phen clients on behalf of Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum become more interesting when it is understood that R. Leslie Rosenblum, of Rosenblum and

Rosenblum, is the husband of former KBA Bar Counsel Linda Gosnell.

In 2003 Linda Gosnell became Bar Counsel and chief ethics prosecutor for the KBA. She prosecuted KBA charges against Gallion, Cunningham, Mills, Chesley, Helmers, and Judge Bamberger all
related to the Fen Phen case.

These are a few dots….when the U.S. attorney releases the Angela Ford accounting of her disbursement of funds…(if he does) ….more dots may or may not connect .
Angela Ford in an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer today denied that the firing of Linda Gosnell was related to “Fen Phen”. Technically that is not a complete denial. Margaret Keene,
President of the Ky. Bar Association has denied that Gosnell was fired due to revelation of a “distribution list” in the Angela Ford accounting.

There are two ways this can be resolved. Either Angela Ford or the U.S. Attorney’s office release the Ford accounting (including a statement of all persons she made payments to) , or the
KBA Board of Governors reports to the public why they fired Linda Gosnell.

The public, and particularly the 430 clients represented by Angela Ford in her Fen Phen claim, have the right to know their potential liability for having to return any money paid
to them by Angela Ford.

Both the criminal action against
Gallion et al, is on appeal, and the Boone Civil Case has already been remanded
for a new trial, and only Ford’s appeal to the Ky. Supreme Court is delaying
the retrial in Boone Circuit Court. If the new trial order of the Court of
Appeals is upheld, then there is a possibility that any monies seized by Angela
Ford will have to be repaid.

Any suggestions that a new trial
could not possibly result in an order for Ford to return the $42 million to
Gallion et al, are speculative.

Let’s all wait for the final judgment to see who is entitled to that money.
Apparently Angela Ford has not waited, and has distributed money to herself and
her clients, even though she

has no final judgment authorizing such payments.

Suggestions that the Federal
Criminal conviction of Gallion et al , will still support the seizure of Gallion’s
et al assets, regardless of what happens in the Boone Civil Case, is
speculative, due to the fact that case is on appeal to the 6th. Circuit.


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