As of  Monday  Dec. 12, it has been 21 days since the Bar Association fired Bar Counsel Linda Gosnell.

LawReader has refrained from discussing the issue of “Why was Linda Gosnell fired” after we were told by a source close to the KBA, that there were legal reasons why
the KBA should not make a statement for “21 days”.   Out of respect for the KBA we therefore have not asked that question after we learned of  the possibility of a legitimate reason for the KBA to withhold
comment.  However the 21 day “safety” period has now expired.  So we would ask the KBA, “Why was Linda Gosnell fired?”

We would also ask if the full Board of Governors who met on Nov. l8, were informed of the issues for Gosnell’s firing discussed by the Executive Committee of the Board which apparently met on Nov. l7th. prior to the issue being presented to the full board.  The rumor persists that  there may have been an effort to suppress the real reasons that Gosnell was fired?

The KBA President, Maggie Keane, was quoted by the Courier-Journal that the Angela Ford Fen- Phen distribution list had nothing to do with the firing of Gosnell.  We note that the Bar President carefully did
not say why Gosnell was fired.    The KBA President referred to the Fen Phen distribution list, but made no reference to the distribution list in the civil case of Abbott v. Gallion.

Today we heard from a source that displeasure about the Board of Governors continued silence on this issue has inspired talk of a slate of candidates to oppose the current members of the Board of
Governors who are up for re-election this year.  (One half of the Board stands for election every two years.  So half of the Board members will stand for election this year.)

It has been announced that noted defense lawyer William Johnson of Frankfort, has stated publically that he would be a candidate for the office of Vice-President of the KBA.  He will be oppose William
H. Wilhoit of Grayson.  Other candidates calling for reform and transparency may soon announce their plans.

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